December 2, 2023

The Ultimate Guide for Vaping Weed

Vaping is a trend these days, thanks to its convenience. Vaping is also considered safer than smoking, and it is easy to see why many people prefer it to smoking. Vape devices make it easy to use cannabis concentrates with perks like efficiency, less odor, and convenience. Here is a guide if you want to get started with vaping weed.

What you need

Whether you’re using a standalone or portable vaporizer, you might need a few extra accessories. First, you need the dry herb for vaping. If you are in California, you can purchase your buds physically or take advantage of weed delivery Beverly Hills. You must choose a dispensary with quality weed because if the bud is too dry or sticky, it won’t vape effectively. The accessories you need include:

  • A vaporizer: you can buy a standalone or portable vaporizer you can carry everywhere.
  • A grinder is essential for conducting vapes.
  • Tools for cleaning your vaporizer include a brush, pipe cleaner, alcohol swabs, and high-strength isopropyl alcohol.

How to vape weed

Step 1: Ensure that your device is connected in or fully charged.

Step 2: A fine to medium grind is usually necessary for vaporizers. While some convection vaporizers might let you use whole buds, grinding is appropriate to smoke marijuana, especially for conduction vaporizers.

Step 3: Using a cannabis scooper, add your dried herb to your vaporizer’s herb chamber or oven.

Step 4: Make the area roughly flat and pack the herb using a tool or your finger. Conduction vapes need a stiffer pack to increase surface area, but it shouldn’t be too tight because airflow still needs to be allowed to travel through (consider the difference between a tightly packed joint and one that’s not too tight).

Step 5: ignite the vaporizer and select your desired temperature.

Inhaling the vapor

It may take some getting used to vaping if you have never smoked from a marijuana vaporizer. Despite being much cooler than smoke, vapor feels different in the lungs and might make you cough. Over time you will eventually discover the temperature that suits you the best.

Before taking your first puff, wait around 30 seconds after your vape has reached the temperature (for portables, it usually only takes a minute or two).

  • Take a few leisurely puffs, and prime the vaporizer.
  • Exhale after squeezing the mouthpiece until vapor fills your lungs.
  • If the draw is too tight, use a roach-style hit by placing your lips loosely on the mouthpiece.

Many dry herb vaporizers are session devices; they shut off after a while, much like a joint, but you may switch them back on for more. The marijuana, also known as an already vaped bud or AVB, may likely have more life left depending on your heat settings for the initial session. If the herb still has a color when you finish your session, stir it a little with your stir tool, pack it down, and put the machine on for another round. Lastly, clean your vaporizer for the next use.